Serbian winter mezze – appetizer

In Serbia mezze can include smoked flavored sausage, various bread types, -
proja national dish of corn bread,
cheese and all sorts of pickled vegetables and many other mouth watering stuff.

Proja - Corn bread with smoked sausages and grilled red peppers salad


•    400 grams of roughly grind Corn flour
•    220 ml of water
•    ½ tea spoon of salt
•    ½ kg red peppers
•    300 grams smoked flavored sausages
•    2 cloves of garlic
•    Salt, sunflower oil ,vinegar
•    Parsley ½ cup


Mix corn flour, water and salt in the bowl.  Put it in greased oven tray and bake
for 30 minutes at 200 Degrees C.
Keep it warm. Cut proja bread in small cubes and cover each one with thin peace of smoked sausage,
which will start to melt.
Grill red peppers until upper skin turn black. Cool it. Peal the burned skin.
Mix sunflower oil, finely chopped garlic, vinegar and parsley and spared the dressing over the peppers.


Cica said...

Volim ovu "mezu", narocito ovaj jednostavni recept za proju-kukuruzni hljeb,kako ga nazivas,
a kod nas se slicno pravilo i zvala se "kukuruza",koju smo najcesce mrvili(da ne kazem drobili) u slatko ili kiselo mlijeko.I sada
to cesto cinim.

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