5 eggs

5 small cups of custard sugar

5 small cups of flour

1 1/2 small cup of sunflower oil

Vanilla sugar 6 grams

zest of a lemon,

1 tablespoon of cocoa

powder sugar 100 grams


Beat egg whites with electric beater adding sugar and vanilla sugar bit by bit.
Mix until stiffens. Continue to mix (at medium speed) adding one egg yolk every 2 minutes.
Stop mixing. At the end put flour and lemon zest into mixture.

Grease oven tray (36 cm diameter high 11 cm or similar) with butter or margarine, and sprinkle with flour.
Put the half of the mixture into the tray. Add one large table spoon of cocoa to the rest of the mixture
and poor over onto the mixture.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees C and bake for app. 30 minutes,
until the sides pull away from the pan and a wooden skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.
Take it warm form the oven and cut into slices.
Sprinkle with powder sugar and serve with vanilla
or chocolate ice cream.

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Serbian winter mezze – appetizer

In Serbia mezze can include smoked flavored sausage, various bread types, -
proja national dish of corn bread,
cheese and all sorts of pickled vegetables and many other mouth watering stuff.

Proja - Corn bread with smoked sausages and grilled red peppers salad


•    400 grams of roughly grind Corn flour
•    220 ml of water
•    ½ tea spoon of salt
•    ½ kg red peppers
•    300 grams smoked flavored sausages
•    2 cloves of garlic
•    Salt, sunflower oil ,vinegar
•    Parsley ½ cup


Mix corn flour, water and salt in the bowl.  Put it in greased oven tray and bake
for 30 minutes at 200 Degrees C.
Keep it warm. Cut proja bread in small cubes and cover each one with thin peace of smoked sausage,
which will start to melt.
Grill red peppers until upper skin turn black. Cool it. Peal the burned skin.
Mix sunflower oil, finely chopped garlic, vinegar and parsley and spared the dressing over the peppers.

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Ladyfingers fresh fruit cake


•20-30 pieces of ladies finger if you are using regular ones;
•400 ml of sour cream
•150 gr  of  powder sugar
•600-800 grams  of  black cherries, strawberries, raspberries or any berries
•300 ml fresh cream
•Dark cooking chocolate 50 grams
•Vanilla sugar 6 grams



Mix together sour cream with 2-3 large tablespoons of powder sugar by hand.
 Blend vanilla sugar in. Line bottom of square dish (18 cm long with 10 cm width and 8 cm height)
 with ladyfingers.
 Pour sour cream /sugar mixture all over ladyfingers.
 Top with fresh fruit (cherries, strawberries, raspberries ECT.
  Line ladyfingers.  Pour rest of the sour cream mixture. Top with fresh fruit.
 Pour with remaining mixture. Decorate on the top with beaten fresh cream and remaining
 of the fruit and chopped chocolate. Refrigerate overnight.
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Cherry strudel

Strudel is a type of sweet or savory layered pastry with a filling inside,
that gained popularity in the 18th century through the Habsburg Empire (1278-1780).
Strudel is also related to the Ottoman Empire's pastry baklava,
and is a traditional pastry in the whole area formerly belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


•    Phyllo pastry - 600 grams
•    8 cups  washed, pitted, drained  black cherries
•    1  1/2 to 2  cups sugar or to taste
•    Powder sugar  for dusting
•    Bread crump   ½ cup
•    Butter    70 gr


Spread  4 - 6  philo pastry sheets at the clean cotton tablecloth.
Brush the sheets with melted butter.
Put the all the cherries in one thick line over the sheets.
Sprinkle with 2-3 large tbs spoons of custard sugar and 1 tbs of breadcrumbs.
Roll the dough to a 1/8-inch thickness.
Repeat the procedure until you run out of phalli pastry sheets and cherries.
Using the tablecloth to roll the strudel away from you, until it is completely rolled.
Brush the top of the strudel with melted butter.
Cut into sections that will fit your baking sheets and tuck in ends of strudel.
Place rack in middle of oven and heat to 250 degrees C Bake 10 minutes,
reduce heat to 175 degrees and bake 20 to 25 minutes more or until strudel is crisp and golden.
 Remove from oven, cool slightly and then cut on an angle into slices. Dust with confectioners' sugar.

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Exceptional chicken - mushrooms salad recipe. A quick to prepare, could be served as a main course or a side dish.


- chicken - 1 kg

- white mushrooms - 1 kg

- lemon juice - 1/2

- salt

- black peper

- ordinary salt mayonnaise - 500 grams

- 1/2 cup freshly choped parsley


Bake the chicken in sauce pan in the oven.Cool it. Remove the skin and bones and cut it into peaces ( 2-3 cm each . Cut the white mushrooms into smal peaces (2 03 cm each) and fry it in the pan where the chicken was baked, using the remaining fat (or add some oil if necessary), for 4-5 minutes. Drain the mushrooms for 10 minutes . Put the chicken and mushrooms into a bowl , add half kilo of ordinary, salt mayonnaise, lemon juice salt and peper and mix it. Let it sit in refrigerator for half a day. Garnish with freshly chopped parsley before serving with any sort of black bread.

Serves 8

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Meat Pie with Phyllo Pastry

This is a yummy meat pie enjoyed all over the Balkans'. Of course every household has their own version. This could be served either as a snack (as eaten as street food here in Belgrade) or as a main, accompanied by a nice salad.


- Phyllo pastry - 600 grams

- Minced beef - 1 kg

- 2 large onions small dice

- Sour cream - 250 ml

- Sunflower oil - 250ml

- 4 eggs beaten to blend

- Salt

- Black paper


Coat the bottom of the large saucepan, with sunflower oil and add finely chopped onions. Stir for 3 minutes and add minced beef and stir firmlu until meat is browened .Remove from heat and allow to cool for about 20 minutes. Add eggs, sour cream, salt and black pepper to suite your taste.

Prepare a greased 32 x 25 x 6 cm pan (or large oven pan) and cover the pan bottom with 3- 4 sheets of the phyllo pastry brushing each one generously with combination of water and oil (half water half oil in a 200 ml cup) , let the halfs of the first 3-4 phyllo sheets hang over the pan.

Poor meet filling over the sheets, just to cover the surface, than lay next 3-4 sheets of pastry over the filling, repeating the brushing of each sheet than pour the meat fillnig again . Repeat the same procedure until you run out of the meat filling. When you reach the last sheet (the top one), brush this one slightly more generously than the rest, and do the same with overhang sheets. Bake it on 190°C (375°F) approximately one hour until gets golden crust. Serve it slightly warm or at room temperature.

Serve 8- 10

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Princess delight


For the dough:

- sunflower oil - 100 ml

- water - 100 ml

- flour - 100 grams

- 4 eggs

For the filling:

- 1/2 liter milk

- 3 tablespoons of flour

- caster sugar - 150 grams

- unsalted butter - 150 grams

- 3 tablespoons of rum

- Vanila sugar - 6 grams

Dough preparation:

Boil water and oil. Stir in flour bit by bit and whisk quickly for 3 minutes until it starts to fall of the sides of the sauce pan. Cool it until cold. Put dough into mixing bowl and add eggs one by one mixing with electric mixer until it become smooth and creamy. (mix 1 minute between each egg). Preheat oven to 230 C. Prepare oven tray and sprinkle it with flour. Take a small portion of dough with teaspoon and put it onto the tray. Leave 5 cm space between the cakes. Bake it on 200 C for 30 minutes. Take them out and coll. Cut each into halves.

Filling preparation:

Dissolve flour into cold milk; add sugar, and vanilla sugar. Cook in a double boiler on low heat until it thickens. Cool it. Mix butter and rum, when it becomes fluffy add cooled cream and mix until becomes foamy (3 min).


Put the filling into lower part of each cake, cover it its top and sprinkle with powder sugar and chocolate topping.

Serves 10-12.

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